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Haya Al-Sharif – Grade Eleven – Artwork

Haya Al-Sharif has also contributed to the cascade of artwork that we’ve received recently with her own pieces. The first two prominently feature human faces, and depict them quite expertly. The color blue in the second one, to us at least, makes the person look a bit like a Na’vi from the movie Avatar, but we aren’t artists. The third features what appear to us as the mid-sections of snakes tangled around one another in a manner that makes them look like an enlargement of a picture of a person’s hair. The fact that at least one of them appears to have been made out of coke cans makes the piece all the more appealing. Haya’s work is, by all standards, excellent.

Faces, faces everywhere

Looks just like a Na'vi to us..

Snakes or colored stands of hair? You be the judge

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Nereen Sbeitan – Grade Eleven – Artwork

Grade Eleven student, Nereen Sbeitan, produced these wonderful pieces of artwork. The first is a mosaic-style piece that features several pictures of Marilyn Monroe with a painting of the actress on the left side of the piece. The second is a very calming piece that features several shades of the color blue. The third is a black-and-white surrealist piece at the forefront of which is a man whose piercing gaze adds to a perceived closeness of the piece that greatly contributes to its effectiveness. This is the sort of work that the Panorama loves to host.

Marilyn everywhere!

Quite the calming picture, if we say so ourselves

He can see straight into your soul, is what they say to us

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Hala Taher – Grade Nine – Art Work

Hala Taher in ninth grade produced this wonderful piece of black-and-white surrealist art work. The shading in this piece quite considerably increases the appeal of the overall image. It can also serve to create a sort of 3D effect. Just look at that cactus on the right. Well done Hala!

Hala Taher's Piece

Just look at that cactus!

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Grade Twelve DT Projects

Shown below are a few Design and Technology projects that our Grade Twelve students  have completed as part of their internal assessments. We at the Panorama consider them accurate representations of the high quality work that DT students have produced this year.

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Solenne Tadros – Grade 10 – ‘No to a Nuclear Jordan’

Grade 10 Student, Solenne Tadros, for her personal project, evaluated plans for nuclear energy in Jordan. She came to the conclusion that such developments would, in Jordan, be unadvasible for at least the time being and made the video above to summarize and convey that one conviction. We applaud the thought she put into her project and the effort that went into the project’s video.

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Grade 10 English Video- A Christmas Carol

This is the second Grade Ten remake of a Christmas Carol on the Panorama. While it most certainly is hard to pick a favorite, we at the Panorama feel that this one was particularly well edited and that the musical accompaniments aid in the communication of the plot to viewers. Enjoy!

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Sireen Masadeh- Grade 10 Personal Project

Sireen Masadeh- Grade 10 Personal Project
Intertwining the passion for recycling with that for fashion.

For her Personal Project, Sireen Masadeh designed a number of, dare we say, beautiful dresses using materials that would, otherwise, have been disposed of. Her project showcases the level of creativity and capacity for innovation that IAA students are taught to have. The Panorama applauds her and students like her for going to extra mile to create works that capture the general creative ability of IAA students while tackling important global issues such as inefficient material use.

Some of Sireen’s dresses are featured below.

(Note: Clicking on a picture opens a full-size version of it in a new tab.)

Sireen outlining her project
A dress that features discs.

A dress that features teabags.

A dress that features staws.
Tons of spoons on this dress.
You could say that Sireen was on a roll when she made this dress.
 Who got glue on the…Oh wait, nevermind
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Rami Park – Grade 12 – English Commentary – Iago in ‘Othello’

William Shakespeare
This passage fromthe last scene of Act 1 is significant in the way that it outlines the majordetails for Iago’s plot, a deadly plot that brings about the death of severalcharacters including Desdemona and Othello. It also portrays an image of Iago’s character.

This soliloquy is in the form of blank verse, afeature often found in Shakespearean plays. The impact that this figure of speech brings about is noteworthy.  It conveys a deadly scheme of revenge anddestruction through plain and common speech, albeit including many metaphors,further emphasizing the ruthlessness of Iago’s character.

Although the character mostly attributed with jealousyin this play is Othello, this passage serves to point out Iago’s immensecapacity of jealousy as well.  While atthe beginning of the play Iago announces that Othello’s decision of promotingCassio in his place was what primarily fueled his mind to come up with hisscheme, the passage shows how revenge was an equally strong motive.  Iago suspects both Othello and Cassio ofsleeping with his wife, and even without the presence of absolute proof, plansto put Othello in “a jealousy so strong that judgement cannot cure” while withCassio he schemes to “abuse him to the Moor in the rank garb.”  What is striking is that Iago is fully awarethat his actions are not brought about from a sense of justice but rather frompurely evil intentions.  “Thoughperadventure I stand accountant for as great a sin.”  Iago realizes that what he is planning tocommit is just as great a sin as lusting after another’s wife, something whichhe clearly disapproves of, outlining his paradoxical nature.  This portrayal of Iago is incredibly accurateall throughout the play, never for a single moment does Iago show the slightestsign of remorse or guilt.

Iago seeks a balance between figurative andnon-figurative speech in his soliloquy, and this serves to present him as a manwho is fairly clear minded and rational, who also possesses an eloquent mannerof dialogue which turns out to be incredibly effective in deceivingOthello.  “make the Moor thank me, loveme, and reward me, for making him egregiously an ass.”  Iago uses much imagery and metaphoricallanguage: he uses the terms “hath leaped into my seat” and “with my night cap”to convey his suspicion of his wife’s faithfulness and also terms such as “poortrash of Venice” and “a poisonous mineral gnaw my inwards” to describe Othelloand the thought of him lying with his wife. Above all things, such figurative speech heightens Iago’s hatred for allthe things that he suspects and motivates his desire for revenge, much as withthe case of Othello, who gradually sinks into the pit of jealousy largely dueto Iago’s vivid description of Desdemona’s unfaithfulness.

In conclusion, this passage serves mainly to bringIago’s scheme and his methods to light, while also outlining his evilnature.  It also heightens Iago’scapability of strong and effective language, his main weapon for implementinghis plan and the destruction of several characters. 
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Abdallah Quteishat – Grade 10 – English Short Story – Swayed By Evil

Admiral David Farragut
He attempted to grip tightly on the handle of his blade but an excruciating pain prevented him to do, so he ended up holding it between his fingers. The soles of fur covered boots began to crackle as he stepped on the hot warm gravel. He was walking through a twisted nether, an aura engulfed in a thin purple haze. His thick leather and steel plate armor softly sheathed his numb muscles. He looked up ahead and found a phantasmal specter staring at him with hollow eyes made of black smoke. As he walked closer a hidden remorse in his body began to swell and his pains began to shoot back at his limbs. As he approached the figure a sonorous booming voice slowly echoed around him,
“The closer you are to the spire, the closer you are to victory Argan…”
As soon as the booming voice completed the last vowel of its sentences a strange hand made of light grabbed Argan and surged his body into the outdoors. He appeared with a flash at a rocky plateau, each rock defiled with stains of blood. Up ahead two armored berserkers began to harry each other. A talisman hung around Argan’s neck suddenly began to feel heavy and then tugged on his neck. He grabbed his sword handle and bended his legs in a battle stance and looked around frantically for any attacks headed towards him, his eyes dashed left and right under his horned helmet, the talisman loosened and became lighter in weight. He loosened his grip on the sword. Quick on his feet he dashed to cover behind a large rock. The ground underneath him began to rumble as a mounted warrior charged passed him. He quickly caught a glimpse of a talisman around an armed warrior equipped with a horned helmet, mounted on a strange armored bear-like beast. He seemed to be the leader of the mounted warriors; the same talisman was equipped around his neck, he needed it.
He unsheathed his sword and jumped out of cover, the sword heaved towards the leader, stabbing him in his chest, stopping his charge. The talisman was in the way of his attack and had protected him; it was truly powerful. The stabbing blow brought the leader off his horse; as soon as he hit the ground Argan’s foot rushed for his neck, but he dodged the attack and got up to his feet.. He then intercepted a charge by Argan and held a dagger to his neck.“How I miss killing you, again,” growled the leader.
“Mutual thoughts,” replied Argan with a poisoned covered dagger pointed subtlety to the stomach of the leader, “This time I shall finish you once and for all.”
The leader noticed the matching talisman and with a yelp he was stabbed in the abdomen. Argan turned around and ripped the talisman from the leader’s neck before he hit the ground preventing it from reviving him once again.
The same booming voice echoed “Finally, now temporarily immortal, seek your spire, your rightful throne, take your possession of gain in the Game of Thrones.”Argan took his gaze off the dead body and looked up ahead. A black spire beaconed ahead of him, enveloped in a dark shadowed mountain, he charged for it. As he was running, thoughts rushed through his head of the previous encounters with the leader, the talisman had saved the leader from Argan’s deadly grasp. He was unstoppable now.
Argan was from the blood line of the dragon, their fate was defiled by the specter; Evil himself. Argan charged for the spire on top of the mountain. Guarded by ancient skeletal soldiers, Argan breached the entrance with incomparable skill, the joined talisman granted him pass through the barrier. He entered the spire; his rightful throne was his at last. He sat on his throne and the crowning began, wings made of light extended from the back of the throne and enveloped Argan. Stone plates engraved with bright writing rose from the walls of the spire, the Elder Scrolls read out amongst his eyes. The second scroll read, “The Specter of Eternity shall never be trusted; dwindling on the faith of our bloodline he seeks a goal Evil itself is incapable of deciphering. Our fate decides; The Specter shall grow power when given weakness…”
A sudden flashed blasted through the spire and grabbed Argan and pulled him out of his rightful throne. At eye level the two black smoke eyes stared directly at him, the booming voice echoed “I do not believe in second chances.”
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